Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery


Cardiac Surgery

             Correction of Congenital Heart Defects



Heart Value Surgery:



Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery [CAbG]

             On Pump

                    Conventional CABG

             Off Pump

                     Beating heart CABG

Surgery For Heart Failure

             Left Ventricular Restorative Procedures

Other Cardiac Procedures

             1. Permanent Pacemaker Implantation

             2. Pericardiectomy

Thoracic Surgical Services

             • Mediastinal Tumour Excision

             • Chest Wall Tumour Excision and Reconstruction

             • Tracheal Reconstruction for benign and malignant diseases

             • Esophageal Surgery

             • Lobectomy

             • Segmentectomy

             • Sleeve Resection

             • Pneumonectomy

             • Pleuro Pneumonectomy

             • Open Drainage of Empyema thoracis

             • Decortication

             • Pleurodesis

             • Inter costal Tube Drainage

Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery [VATS]

             • Diagnostic

             • Therapeutic

Vascular Surgical Services

             • Aortic Aneurysm Repair

             • Aortic Dissection Repair

             • Aorto Femoral Bypass

             • Extremity Arterial Bypass

             • Embolectomy

             • Arterio Venous Fistula creation for haemodialysis

             • Surgical Revascularisation for thromboangitis obletrans

             • Permanent Venous port Access for long term Carcer chemotherapy Administration


Dr.P.R. Murugesan MS., MCh. DNB (Prof. & HOD)

Dr.R.Krishnanand Pai MBBS,MD,DM (Professor)