The department of Dermatology of PSG IMS&R is engaged both in research and patient care. Numerous research papers have been published both in National and International Journals and papers have also been presented in Dermatology conferences. National and regional conferences have been organized at the hospital. Various facilities are available in the department for both inpatient and out patient care.

Services offered:


C is used for treating Liquid nitrogen which has freezing temperature of -97 conditions like warts, seborrheic keratosis, keloids and benign skin tumors


Electrocautery by using heat is done for removing warts, skin tags, dermatosis papulosa nigrans and corns.


Phototherapy is providing artificial ultraviolet rays in chambers using tube lights for therapeutic purposes. Given commonly for psoriasis, vitiligo, lichen planus and eczematous dermatosis.

4.Patch testing & Prick testing

These are tests done to detect the sensitivity to various allergens. Done in cases of allergic contact dermatitis, parthenium dermatitis and urticaria.


It is a method of administrating DC through electrodes in to the skin. It has therapeutic effects in hyperhydrosis & enhancing penetration of drugs for keloids.

6.Blister grafting & Punch grafting

In this procedure graft is obtained from normal skin and placed in the affected skin. Complete repigmentation occurs in 6 months. Blister graft in useful in lip vitiligo.

7.Nail excision

Ingrowing toe nails, warts and nail deformities can be treated by nail excision.

8.Chemical cautery

Cauterization with tricholoro acetic acid done in case of xanthomas.

Hair Loss

Hair loss in males occurs more from the front and side of the scalp and usually is seen in younger and middle aged men.

Hair Loss in Women

Can be Hormonal or nutritional

Alopecia Areata

Here hair loss may be patchy. This is an autoimmune disorder where the hair follicles are destroyed by cells called lymphocytes produced by the body itself.

Hair transplantation for Baldness

A strip of skin containing hair is taken from the back of scalp, cut into small pieces and then transplanted to the front of the scalp. We undertake punch grafting and mini grafting. Scalp reduction is performed when indicated.

Pull Test, Pluck test & Trichogram

Trichogram is a test used for assessing the type of hair loss. Here hair is plucked from various parts of the scalp and examined under the microscope. The hair goes through a growing phase and resting phase. By this test we can determine the phase of hair, detect abnormalities of the hair and plan appropriate treatment.
Excess growth of hair in females may be due to hormonal problems or where no cause can be determined. This hair can be removed by electrolysis where current is passed to destroy the hair follicles.


Eczema is a skin disorder associated with severe itching and oozing of the skin which with recurrence leads to thickening and dark pigmentation of skin. There are two types of Eczema. Intrinsic eczema is due to changes within the body and is called atopic eczema, seborrhoic eczema etc. Eczema due to external factors are due to nickel, chromium, leather and other chemicals which is found in footwear, clothing, cosmetics and in articles used regularly. These are handled or used on a daily basis. This type of eczema is also called contact dermatitis. To find out the cause of eczema, patch tesing is performed.


Is a problem where there is faster multiplication of cells resulting in red scaly patches all over the body. The disease can be treated by phototherapy. A phototherapy unit consists of bulbs emitting Ultraviolet rays. After calculating the dose and time of radiation patient is exposed to ultraviolet light in a closed chamber. This treatment has to be given for 3-6 months in psoriasis.


Is a disease where white patches occur on the skin due to loss of melanocytes. These are cells which produce pigment melanin and gives colour to the skin. When the lesions are progressive patients are treated by phototherapy


This is an allergic problem where patient develops itching with raised lesions on the body. The cause may be due to food, insects, pollens.
Prick Testing for Urticaria & Allergy is a test done on the forearm to detect the cause of this allergy. Warts, skin tags, tumors can be treated by cryosurgery or electrocautery.

Chemical Peeling

Is indicated for dark pigmentation of face, acne scaring. Chemicals like glycolic acid, trichloracetic is applied to remove superficial scales and pigment of the skin.

Chemical Peeling

We treat diseases like pemphigus, scleroderma and other anti immune disorders, pulse with therapy.

Pulse Therapy

We treat diseases like pemphigus, scleroderma and other anti immune disorders, pulse with therapy


Dr.Reena Rai MD (Professor)

Dr.L.Sorna Kumar MD(DVL) (Professor)

Dr.M.Kumaresan MD(DVL) (Professor)

Dr. Deepak R MD (Sr Resident)

Dr.Pradeep B MD (Sr Resident)

Dr. Karthick Prabhu S DDVL (Sr Resident )

Dr.Nithya S MD (Sr Resident)

Dr. Priya  S MD (Sr Resident )