Ent,Head & Neck Services

Ear, Nose, Throat and Head & Neck Surgery

The ENT department is well equipped with the latest Leica operating Microscope, German Nasal Endoscope, Camera, Laryngoscopes, Bronchoscope and Oesophagoscope, Harmonic Scalpel etc. Team of ENT consultants fully trained in Microscopic ear surgery, Endoscopic sinus surgery and ENT cancer surgery are available.

The speech pathology and Audiology unit is run by an experienced speech pathologist. The unit has GSI 61 - two channel audiometer and Ampliad 724 and multichannel, multi component tympanometer and BERA for evaluating deafness in children.

The out patient department (OPD) functions on all six week days from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Emergency care is given round the clock by a duty ENT surgeon. Emergency Oesophagoscopy and Bronchoscopy for removal of foreign bodies are done round the clock. All surgeries are done at an economical cost. Besides routine ENT surgeries like tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and septoplasty the following special surgeries are also done.

Endoscopic Nasal Surgery

• Endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) for nasal polyps, sinusitis Endoscopic DCR

• Endoscopic CSF Leak Repair

Endscopic Pituitory Surgery

• Septoplasty & Septorhinoplasty for nasal bone deviations
• Nasal endoscopy for nasal bleed, allergy, sinusitis etc.

Other Endoscopic Surgery

• Rigid bronchoscopy for foreign body bronchus
• Rigid oesophagoscopy for foreign body oesophagus
• Nasal endoscopy for nasal bleed, allergy, sinusitis etc.
• Microscopic laryngeal surgery (MLS) for growth, nodule in voice box

Cancer Surgery - Head & Neck

• Cancer of voice box - Laryngectomy
• Cancer of Neck glands - Neck dissections

Headache & Giddiness (Vertigo) Evaluation

Special endoscopic, audiovestibular tests are available to assess giddiness (vertigo) and Headache

Hearing Clinic

• Screening and diagnostic services for children & adults
• Audiological & Neuro - audiological evaluation
Pure Tone Audiometry (Computerised) (Conventional & High frequency) especially for drug and noise induced hearing problems.
Computerised Middle Ear Analysis (Single & Multi Frequency) to detect fluid in middle ear, otosclerosis (Bone fixation)
• Hearing aids selection & counseling
• Tinnitus evaluation and treatment (Maskers)

Speech Pathology Clinic

• Speech / language assessment, counseling
• Rehabilitation services available for the following problems pronunciation, voice, stammering, sudden loss of speech due to accidents, stroke etc., Problems in reading and writing and speech problems due to hearing loss
• Laryngectomy rehabilitation


Dr.S.Palaninathan MS (OTO- RHINO- LARYNGOLOGY) (Prof. & HOD)

Dr.V.Ravi Sankar MS (ENT), DNB (Asso. Prof)

Dr.Dayanand DLO,DNB (Asso. Prof)

Dr.Venkatraman MS(ENT) (Asst.Prof)

Dr.Sathyabama MS ENT (Sr Resident)