One of the oldest speciality departments and well known in the region. It is well equipped with to manage various f respiratory ailments. It has the most qualified faculties with a very good support team. It is headed by Dr.RM.PL.Ramanathan MD,DM (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine) from the prestigious PGI (Post Graduate Institute), Chandigarh, working with him is DR.K.Srikanth MD(Chest) from Madras Medical College, Chennai.

The department has facilities for catering needs of patients with respiratory allergies, smoking related lung diseases and various infections involving the lungs. To support this, the department has fibre-optic bronchoscopy for both adult and paediatrics. And, computerized lung function testing. Attached to the department, fully equipped, “Respiratory intensive care unit” to manage various critically ill patient requiring assisted ventilation.
The unit has excellent expertise in managing patient with acute respiratory distress syndrome and also has facility for non invasive ventilation. The department will also have more advanced sleep lab, useful in managing patients with sleep disordered breathing (including sleep apnoea).

About Sleep Lab

Sleep lab is a place where an individual’s over night sleep can be monitored, information can be recorded and interpreted. This involves recording brain signals, eye movements, muscle and oxygen saturation in the blood among other things.

Sleep study is required to diagnose a condition called Sleep Apnea Syndrome. In patients with sleep apnea syndrome, breathing is interrupted during sleep/ many times associated with a fall in oxygenation and disturbance of sleep. Therefore they have excessive day time sleepiness, interfering with the day to day activities.


Alice 5 is one of the latest and most advanced sleep study systems in the whole world. It is the first in this part of the country. The sleep lab has an excellent ambience. The pulmonogists have undergone special training in this regard.


Dr. RMPL Ramanathan MDDM.(Prof. & HOD)

Dr.S.Hariharan MD