Yoga & Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a system of drugless therapy that involves the use of natural elements like Air, Water, Light, Heat, Magnetic force, etc for preventing and combating various disorders. The therapies offered in this system of medicine aim at detoxifying the body and enhancing the vitality of the body.

Treatments Offered

Yoga Theraphy

Yoga therapy programs are designed based on scientifically proven methods of practice. Asana, Pranayama, Yogic cleansing of the internal systems are taught. Meditation and Deep relaxation sessions are conducted. Yogic stress management sessions are also conducted.


Application of water in different forms and at various temperatures with the help specifically designed equipments to bring about the desired effects in the body.

Colon Theraphy

A method of gentle cleansing of the colon. This can be done at regular intervals for promotion of positive health and also before the invasive procedures that require cleansing of the Gastro intestinal tract.


It Involves numerous manipulative techniques that are effectively used in pain management,relaxation&rejuvenation.The different massage techniques include Swedish massage ,Meridian massage,Quick dry massage,Vibro massage.

Foot Reflexology

Unique way of bringing about relaxation by gentle manipulation of reflex zones of the feet.


A system of Chinese medicine that involves manipulation of various points in the energy channels of the corresponding organs.

Diseases Treated Include

• Hypertension

• Asthma

• Diabetes

• Obesity

• Arthritis

• Hemiplegia

• Migraine

• Gastritis

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Low backache

• Skin disorders

• Menstrual disorders

• Varicose veins

• Frozen shoulder

• Constipation

• Insomnia

• Hemorrhoids

• Thyroid disorders

Rehabilitation Programmes Offered

• Weight reduction Programme

• Cardiac rehabilitation Programme

• Pregnancy care Programme

• Diabetes rehabilitation Programme

• Back care Programme

• Psychiatric rehabilitation Programme

• Respiratory rehabilitation Programme

• Promotion of positive health

• Women’s health care Programme

• Arthritis rehabilitation Programme

• Neurological rehabilitation Programme

• De-addition and rehabilitation


Dr.M. Harini B.N.Y.S., P.G.A.C.P.

Dr.M.Karpaga Rajkumar., B.N.Y.S., P.G.A.C.P.