Professional Information

Dr. Pavai Arunachalam Designation : Associate Professor

  • Undergraduate from Stanely and was awarded Dr Sankaran and Dr Venugopal gold medal in general surgery and urology
  • MS from Madurai Medical College and was awarded DR TDR Gold medal prize in pediatric surgery
  • Twenty one years of pediatric surgery
  • Fellowship on one year – Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth, Australia
  • Senior registrar – Alwasl Hospital, Dubai, UAE – one year
  • Special interests – antenatal counselling, vascular anomalies, laparascopy, newborn surgery and urology
  • Core committee of medical education department – PSGIMS&R and actively involved in HR training of CRRIs. Resource personnel for research committee and education committee.
  • Organising secretary for UDS – 1998
  • Organising secretary for cleft lip and palate - 1999
  • Organising secretary for Human resource development for CRRI – 2006 and 2007.
  • Organising secretary for workshop on Ethics for CRRI - 2006.
  • Organising secretary for Clinical Teaching skills 2007.
  • Organising secretary – One day workshop followed by conference – July 10th – 12th 2009, State conference of TPPS.
  • Co-ordinator for mentoring program for undergraduates in PSGIMS&R
  • Involved in training program for mentoring in nursing college - 2016
  • First EXIT procedure in India
  • Presentation done in conferences by undergraduates and awarded prizes
  • Dr TGS gold medal is a medal instituted by the pediatric surgeons of Tamilnadu in memory of Dr T Gnanaseelan who passed away and was a beloved teacher and loved teaching students. For the past four years my students have secured this prize year after year.

    Dr Ravikumar gold medal instituted by the pediatric surgeons of Coimbatore in honour of Dr Ravikumar, a pioneer and mentor to all the pediatric surgeons of Coimbatore and involves a competitive exam for undergraduates

    • Empower 2012 – held at Stanley medical college for undergraduates

    Other achievements

    • Operated on 22 cases at GEMS hospital – a Christian charitable society for the poor and neglected in Bihar 20 th 22nd Septemeber 2007.
    • Common pediatric surgical problems - Academic program at Al Musalla Medical center, Dubai 22nd April 2008
    • Presented a paper on pediatric trauma care in Nursing college – June 2008
    • Presented “confidentiality” in the Platinum celebration – Ethics committee – December 2008
    • Use of multimedia – Research methodology Nov 2008 – PSGIMS&R
    • Faculty of medical education department since 1995 – Attended basic workshop in medical education technologies – CMC Vellore – June 2012
    • Faculty of DCRB [department of clinical research and bioethics]
    • 2016 – Class on work life balance for women – I year students of PSG tech
  • Histological changes in testicular torsion in rats – Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth, Australia 2001.
  • Torsion in rats and effect of HCG and leuprolide in rats – ongoing project

Papers presented

  • Unusual Complications of Ovarian Cyst - National Conference of Indian Association Of Paediatric Surgeons 1997
  • Role of Spiral CT scan in recurrent TEF _ Asian Conference of Paediatric Surgeons - Poster presentation
  • Testicular Torsion in rats - Australian Association Of Paediatric Surgeons.

National Conference 2001

  • Testicular Torsion in rats _ Poster presentation - Pacific Association Of Paediatric Surgeons, Kyoto, Japan 2001
  • A Comparative study of Stage IV and Stage IV s neuroblastoma in infancy _ National Conference Of IAPS, India 2001
  • Ureteral Stents in Ureteric Reimplantation - Paper presentation at National Conference of Australian Association of Paediatric Surgeons, Brisbane, March 2001
  • Effects of testicular torsion on ipsilateral and contralateral testes in rats - National Conference of TPPS, Chennai 2002. Best Paper award for the session
  • Ovarian tumours and bilaterality – TPPS conference at Pondicherry July 2006
  • Haemangiomas in children – TPPS conference at Coimbatore, July 2009
  • Pediatric hernia repair – how I do it – ENDOHERNIA - GEM hospital – 2011, 2012 and 2015
  • Lecture – Nesidioblastosis – SURGICON 2011
  • Video assisted thyroidectomy – TPPS conference at Kodaikanal 2012
  • November 2012 – national conference of pediatric surgery at Bhopal – Invited lecture – lap excision of adrenal
  • March 2013 – Surgical neonatology for pediatricians – South zone pediatric conference
  • April 2013 – Neonatal surgical problems – PEDICON of IAP TNSC conference at Kanyakumari
  • June 2013 – Invited faculty at ICH, Chennai – pediatric surgery clinics and live workshop
  • November 2013 – National conference of IAPS – Invited faculty for session on antenatal diagnosis and management
  • July 2014 – Invited faculty and demonstrated lap repair of inguinal hernia in children at HERNIA conference held by SAGES at Nagercoil
  • 2015-2017 – executive committee IAPS
  • Conducted Meet the professor session – in the form of posters – golden jubillee Mumbai 2015
  • Conducted Meet the professor session and vascular anomalies symposium – Agra 2016


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  • Dr.Sankaran Memorial Prize for Surgery, 1982
  • Dr.Venugopal Prize for Urology, 1982
  • Dr TDR Gold medal – pediatric surgery – 1990
  • Best teacher award – PSGIMS&R – 1998
  • Member of Indian Association of pediatric surgeons, India
  • Member of pediatric association of laparascopic surgeons, India
  • Member of state chapter of pediatric surgeons, Tamilnadu (TPPS)
  • Executive member of TPPS for two years
  • June 2013 – Secretary of state chapter and conducted a three day conference of Tamilnadu association of Pediatric surgeon at Kanyakumari
  • Executive committee of IAPS – 2015-2017
  • President elect of TPPS – 2017-2018