Professional Information

Dr. I. Syed Ummar Designation : Associate Professor

  • MD (Psych)
  • 12 Years
  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • Syed Ummar1, Senthil kumar. R2, Vijayalakshmi Balachandran2 and Lakshmi Dorai. B :An Unusual Presentation Of Hyponatremia, Indian Journal of Medical Case Reports ISSN: 2319–3832(Online) An Open Access, Online International Journal Available at http://www. cibtech. org/jcr. Htm 2014 Vol. 3 (3) July-September, pp. 59-60/Ummar et al.
  • Syed Ummar, Naveen Kumar, Shree Aarthi Ramanathan : Organic Bipolar Disorder: An Unusual Neuropsychiatric Sequelae following Right Frontotemporal Injury
  • I.Syed Ummar, Venkateswaran Rajaraman1, N. Loganathan2 : Cushing’s syndrome presenting as treatment‑resistant bipolar affective disorder: A step in understanding endocrine etiology of mood disorders
  • Member of Indian Psychiatry Society (IPS)