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Customer Feedback

  • Mr. Benjemin Coleman - United Kingdom

    Hospital staff has been extremely helpful, professional, caring, friendly, efficient and polite. We would recommend the hospital to others in both India and the United Kingdom as the level of service has been fabulous. We would also return for further services in a private capacity as the services offered are very good.

  • Ms. Weam Mansow Mohammed - Yemen

    I was brought to PSG Hospital in very critical condition from Yemen, I almost lost all hopes to live the life again, but Dr. Balu Kuppuswamy and his team explained to me about the surgery, Doctors carried out surgery successfully, I was really cured, the touch of extreme hospitality by PSG team has given me a new life, I must take this opportunity to thank god and PSG Staff for each and everything for me.

  • Hiranya Choudhury - Assam

    the care and kindness of all the staff in PSG Hospitals is fabulous I wish to thank the nurse who took very good care of my uncle and helped him to recover early as possible. I have to praise the cleanliness and punctuality of the hospital's staff is good. it is a pleasure to be able to prise your hospital

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