About the Centre

The PSG Centre for Biomedical Innovations (PSG CBMI) at PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (PSG IMS&R) enables co-creation between startups, academia and healthcare industry with the right kind of clinicians, researchers and patients. The PSG CBMI shall lead and drive innovation activities – strategically and in day-to-day work, in all settings, at all levels. The Centre shall lay the methodical way of handling risks and uncertainties to achieve rapid and continuous translational innovation – from identification of needs and opportunities to clinical and commercial full-scale implementation.

The PSG CBMI will address the following unique challenges in the process of idea to prototype of medical technologies and devices:

  • Validating the ideas for its use case
  • Validating the ideas in terms of technical feasibility
  • Access to facilities related to health care research and product development
  • Ethical committee clearances and the clinical trials
  • Good practices to be adopted during the trials and concerns to be addressed
  • Certification involved in case of Medical Devices
  • Involvement of medical practitioners during the stages of product development
  • Cost involved in the process of product development

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