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PSG & SONS’ Charities

On 25th January 1926, a Trust under the name of ‘P.S.GOVINDASWAMY NAIDU & SONS’; came into being to cater to the growing needs of education and industry. Coimbatore opened a new chapter in its history.

To understand the genesis, growth and objectives of the trust, it is necessary to travel back in time and visualize the social, educational and economic scenario of India in general and city of Coimbatore in particular.

Illiteracy and poverty afflicted the people, while lack of resources and organized services imposed constraints on the government.

Illiteracy and poverty afflicted the people, while lack of resources and organized services imposed constraints on the government. The city of Coimbatore, as it exists today with all its industrial and educational houses of excellence, could not even have been dreamt of. The entrepreneurs were yet to arrive while education was meant only for an exclusive few,With these being the circumstances, the trust was established and it became the harbinger of education and industrialization in the Coimbatore region.

It needed a benign and active mix of sympathy, daringness, generosity and selflessness to even think of bringing in changes in such a setting. The four sons of Shri PS Govindaswamy Naidu whose initials the trust bears, had all this in themselves and through their tireless efforts brought forth the trust. They, Shri PSG Venkataswamy Naidu, Shri PSG Rangaswamy Naidu, Shri PSG Ganga Naidu, Shri PSG Narayanaswamy Naidu, the four sons of Shri PS Govindaswamy Naidu, went about setting up the trust in a unique and inimitable fashion. They adopted Charity as their fifth brother and divided their ancestral wealth into, not 4 equal portions, but 5, the fifth one earmarked exclusively for Charity.

They realized that illiteracy caused stagnation, insulating the people from the progressive changes taking place all around and left them poor and uninformed; and hence it was at the root of all the ills of society. Their generous and leadership qualities surged ahead to the fore with this clear sense of understanding of the prevailing malady and its cause. And so, they struck back at illiteracy with a missionary zeal and made education as their primary trust area. The zeal of idealism continued and many
institutions were born in succession in various disciplines.

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PSG Institutions

PSG is a 92 years legacy in education and industry in our country. Testimony to the fact is the alumni spread across the nation, so also across the length and breadth of the globe. The PSG group of institutions specializes in providing comprehensive learning in a variety of academic fields’ right from Arts and Sciences to Engineering and from Medicine to Management. With nearly 1000 strong teaching staff and up to 16000 students under its wing, PSG has been constantly breaking barriers in education.


Our College established in 1951, is one of the many educational institutions nurtured by PSG & Sons Charities Trust. The college is Government Aided, Autonomous, ISO 9001 certified and affiliated to Anna University.

Equipped with latest facilities and excellent infrastructures, the college offers a total of 48 full time and part time programs in Science, Engineering and Management at UG & PG levels. The institution has a strong alumni base, most of them occupying coveted positions in many educational, industrial and research organizations all over the world.

The College today has student strength of about 5200 with 11 engineering and technology departments besides the computer applications, management sciences, basic sciences and humanities departments. Among the various Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate programmes offered by the college, as many as 18 programmes were accredited in the year 1997 itself by the National Board of Accreditation of AICTE. The departments are greatly benefited by the expertise of more than 15 visiting faculty from renowned institutions and industries. Each department conducts annually at least one National / International Conference / Seminar / Workshop for effective dissemination of state-of-art technologies and research findings for the benefit of teaching faculty and industries. On an average every year, five short term programmes on current topics of interest are conducted for the teaching faculty from other colleges with funding from AICTE / ISTE and other agencies. More than 150 research scholars are pursuing research programmes leading to MPhil / MS / Ph D degrees and the college is a recognized QIP centre for Postgraduate and Ph D programmes.


PSG and Son’s Charities after establishing PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research and PSG Hospitals realized in view of their Mission statement the importance of paramedical sciences to supplement the health care activities. As a result, in the year 1994, PSG College of Nursing was established with an intake of 50 students. The students of nursing in addition to their excellent coaching facilities have PSG hospitals as their training ground.


In 1998, PSG and Son’s Charities started PSG College of Paramedical Sciences offering Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Students can avail the ample opportunities at PSG hospitals for an excellent training. Physiotherapists contribute significantly to health promotion by helping at the rehabilitative process of the patients.


&nbspPSG and Son’s Charities by starting PSG College of Pharmacy have provided enough facilities for training students in Bachelor of Pharmacy. The students of pharmacy would involve themselves in diverse fields of drug characterization, isolation and developing newer strategies of drug delivery. Exposure to patients at PSG Hospitals would help them hone their skills in clinical pharmacy

Quality Management Department

Quality Management Department focuses on the Quality Policy of the institution which is also based on the institution’s Mission & Vision statements as well as the Quality Policy.

The department focuses broadly on the four core principles for quality assurance in the institution. They are as follows:

  • Patient (customer)
  • Hospital delivery systems (systems and processes)
  • Analysis and problem identification (performance measurement)
  • Team work

Quality Policy

PSG Hospitals provides total health care to its patients, with the highest levels of skill, professionalism and ethical practice,
leading to their effective care and treatment at affordable costs. PSG Hospitals facilitates medical education and research, and is committed to
continued quality improvement.

Our Mission

Scientific, Ethical and Quality Health Care

Our Vision

  • To be a dynamic, growth oriented organization where individuals synergize to meet the challenges and to achieve excellence in all spheres.
  • To provide quality health care to the patients, conforming to scientific and ethical standards.
  • To constantly upgrade the quality of medical practice and education in the hospital
  • To be a teaching hospital of distinction, setting the highest standards in patient care, medical education, training and research.
  • To provide an ideal environment for medical education and research.

Welcome Note From the Managing Trustee

Shri L. Gopalakrishnan Managing Trustee, PSG & Sons Charities Trust

The mission of PSG Hospitals has never been in doubt. It serves as a centre of learning, and as a centre of healing. The twin objectives of training future health professionals and making available to the community the best of health care at an affordable cost have always been guiding our journey.

Right from its inception PSG was dedicated to lead from the front for knowledge development. While many organisations focused their strength in industrial growth and other facets of national development, PSG was exclusively formed and fostered for knowledge development. National development is closely linked with knowledge development, and illiteracy is a thick veil that prevents growth. PSG realised this decades ago and the inclusive model of knowledge distribution and development revolutionised this part of the country.

In the year 1926, when the founders decided to partition their wealth into five, they had a clear-cut vision. The fifth portion, adopted as a brother, and christened CHARITY, is a living edifice of their sense of social responsibility. It was their forethought and munificence that made them identify and formulate ways in which they can be involved in societal development. That is how PSG was born. We, of the successive generations, have continuously tried to uphold the lofty values and the mantle of working for society.

On behalf of the board of trustees, and on my own personal behalf, I am extremely happy to rededicate this hospital to the service of society through education and health care!

Welcome Note From the Principal

Dr. Tadury Madhukar Subbarao Principal

PSG is more than an institution. It is a thought in action – a thought that is at once noble and unique. A thought that gave charity a footing equal to that of a brother in flesh and blood. A thought that chose education as its transformative tool for propelling inclusive societal growth. And, a thought that remained not just a thought but resolved into action. In 1926! The passage of time makes it a legend, but pages of action make it dynamic!

PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research was started in 1985, and PSG Hospitals in 1989.

Medicine is learnt in the inseparable triumvirate of colleges, community and hospitals. The rigor of academics strengthens the reality of patient care. Thus, a medical college and hospital is essentially a unitary concept. Thus they are bound, and thus they should be.

In the community of hospitals, teaching hospitals hold pride of place. Reasons abound. The rigorous academic methods, uncompromising ethics, mandatory peer reviews, audits, accountability, accreditations and research make teaching hospitals unique centres of advanced, safe, and holistic health care – a far cry from corporate hospitals. No doubt, at PSG, we are inspired by our motto of providing community health through education and health care. The silver jubilee is a point in time for us to look back to look beyond. As we look beyond we stand rooted in the PSG panchsheel (five values) of ethics, science, quality, holistic care, and affordability. The panchsheel that defines us and the panchsheel that drives us. Thus we are, and that is how we will be. Now and forever and ever.

Welcome Note From the Director

Dr. J.S Bhuvaneswaran
Director, PSG Hospitals

PSG Hospitals  offer its STATE OF THE ART patient care services through the centre of excellence, PSG super speciality hospitals, as well services to the needy through the PSGIMSR hospitals.

With our core values of CHARITY and ETHICS, we at PSG ensure Quality; Safe care at an affordable cost. We continue to promote healthier society through our preventive programs.

Welcome Note From the Medical Director

Dr. P.R. Rajkumar Medical Director, PSG Hospitals

PSG Hospitals is a 1300 bedded multispecialty hospital, resting on a very strong foundation of academics and charity. It offers comprehensive medical care from the primary level through its outreach urban and rural clinics right up to the tertiary level. It is a teaching hospital offering both UG & PG programmes in Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy and pharmacy. Its team of dedicated and highly qualified faculty are therefore constantly updating their knowledge and skills. The institution emphasises on both academics and quality health care, because we believe that they complement each other.

Welcome Note From the Medical Superintendent

Dr.S.Karthikeyan Medical Superintendent,
PSG Hospitals

PSG Hospitals As an institute, we place the greatest emphasis on ethics. What we practice here and bring to our patient is ethical care. Ethics includes right science as well, because bad science is bad ethics. Therefore, is ensuring an ethical approach we take care of science of care as well!

We practice State-of-the-Art, evidence-based current care without overburdening the patient with a laundry list of investigations. Our doctors will always discuss with the patient, the treatment options and choose what is right for the given patient.

We strive all the time to excel in what we do and the tracking and research mandated by the professional courses we run, make sure that this happens.

We place the patient first and foremost and all our activities stern from that single important value.

We re-dedicate ourselves to your health care!

Key Personnel

Managing Trustee Shri L. Gopalakrishnan
Principal Dr. Tadury Madhukar Subbarao
Director – Super Speciality  Dr. J.S Bhuvaneswaran
Medical Director Dr. P. R. Rajkumar
General Manager – Administration Mr. V. Jagannathan
Medical Superintendent Dr. S. Karthikeyan
Medical Superintendent – Super Speciality  Dr. K. Balu
Hospital Administrator – Medical Logistics Dr. V. Ramamoorthy
Medical Superintendent – Diagnostics Dr. Prasanna N Kumar
Nursing Superintendent Dr. M. D. Anuradha
Deputy Medical Superintendent – Super Speciality  Dr. Varunn M.D,