Animal House

The PSG Animal House is a comprehensive facility for breeding and maintenance of laboratory animals. It is a three-storied central facility of the PSG institutions which comprises of a fully equipped operation theatre at the basement which has five operation tables with all accessories required for surgeons and anesthetists to work with small and large animals. The ground floor is dedicated for small animals used in ongoing projects and those used for student teaching. The first floor houses the breeding stock of the various small animals measuring 4273 Sq.ft at each level.

The Animal House has been registered with Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) for small animals since 1999 and for large animals (sheep and pigs) since 2014. The registration is regularly renewed once in three years. PSG Animal facility is an ISO 9001-2008 approved, registered breeders for animal research.

The facility houses Swiss Albino and C57B6 mice, Wistar and Sprague Daley rats, Newzealand white rabbits and Guinea pigs. It has completed about 330 projects and has about 25 ongoing projects in progress.

A laboratory with necessary equipments and other materials is available to candidates performing experiments on animals. A double door autoclave is maintained to sterilize the feed and bedding daily and surgical instruments and linen whenever necessary.

The facility has a clean lift to carry men and materials and a sterile lift to distribute the sterilized goods to all the three floors. Recently two individually ventilated cages (IVC) for rodents and rabbits and biosafety cabinets have been added. The IVC are necessary for breeding and experimenting on immunologically deficient animals.

Trained manpower is available to carry out the routine work. They are also trained to help the investigators during projects. With respect to large animal projects there are weekly bleeding of sheep for microbiology; a project to train the surgeons in laparoscopy and development of Low Cost Cardiac Valve for India project in pig model assisted by cardiac surgeons.

The Institutional animal ethics committee (IAEC) functions well with main nominee and other CPCSEA appointed members, updated once in three years.