Coexistence of Medical Institution, Hospital, Technical Institution and Incubation Centre is unique in the country. PSG CBMI is a collaborative platform that brings PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, PSG Hospitals, PSG College of Technology and PSG-Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park together that will create impact amd drive med tech innovations.

1) PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (PSG IMS&R) & Hospital

  • PSG IMS&R – a teaching hospital and research institute focuses on promoting cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, socially relevant biomedical research our faculty and students work in a cordial and collaborative manner to develop medical devices and tools that can be practiced in a human-setting and can create an impact in the society.
  • The PSG IMS&R and Hospitals will assist the innovators and startups in the healthcare sector to validate the viability of the proposed idea, allocate the domain expert to the team during the complete cycle of execution of the idea, will provide very well-equipped, modern labs at cost basis to carry out the tests and will facilitate the clinical trials.
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2) PSG College of Technology (PSG CT)

  • PSG College of Technology – the leading technology institution in the country with 15 engineering and technology department and 8000 students has contributed significantly in the areas of research, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Department of Biotechnology (2000) and Department of Biomedical Engineering (2006) had created a vibrant learning and research environment in the areas of Diagnostics, Medical electronics, Medical Data Processing, Analytics, Assistive Technologies, Biomems and Biosensors, Molecular Genetics and Tissue Engineering.
  • PSG College of Technology will extend the technology mentoring by faculty members, provide access to laboratories and facilities at PSG College of Technology and share the students as interns to the startups.
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3) PSG-Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park (PSG-STEP)

  • PSG-STEP, established in the year 1998 by PSG College of Technology and DST, Govt. of India, focuses on promoting technology based enterprises in the areas of software, electronic products, hi-tech mechanical products, and eco-friendly textile products and bio-technology. PSG – STEP extends incubation support and financial support to innovations and startups involved in developing technology products.
  • PSG-STEP will extend the incubation support– Space, Infrastructure, Mentoring, Networking, IP consultancy etc to the innovators and startups, access to mentors – industry, domain experts and investors and will extend financial support to the innovators and startups.
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