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Pediatric Oncology

Pediatric cancers have a good treatment outcome if detected at the earliest. Nearly 50000 cases of childhood cancers are diagnosed in India of which only 30 % receive treatment in a Pediatric Oncology centre. The commonest causes of treatment abandonment are financial constraints, resorting to complementary/alternate medicine and false belief of incurability of cancer. The speciality of Pediatric Oncology emerged to address these issues and to provide holistic care to these children. Dr. Rumesh Chandar is one of the very few D.M qualified Pediatric Oncologists in our country. In PSG institute of Oncology, children with cancer receive the latest, comprehensive and holistic care with multidisciplinary treatment modality. We provide financial support, psycho-social support, nutrition counselling, supportive care and palliative care to the children affected with cancer. We have a separate oncology ward and a day care chemotherapy centre with trained staff for administration of chemotherapy and supportive care.

We specialize in the management of

• Pediatric Hemato-lymphoid malignancies
• Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
• Acute Myeloid leukemia (AML)
• Chronic Myeloid leukemia (CML)
• Hodgkin Lymphoma
• Non Hodgkin Lymphoma like Burkitt lymphoma, DLBCL, ALCL, Lymphoblastic lymphoma
• Juvenille Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML)
• Langerhan Cell Histiocytosis (LCH)

Pediatric Solid tumours

• Brain tumours
• Neuroblastoma
• Wilms Tumour
• Retinoblastoma
• Soft tissue Sarcomas
• Bone sarcoma (Osteosarcoma, Ewings sarcoma)
• Hepatoblastoma
• Germ Cell tumours
• Thyroid carcinoma

Management of Relapsed acute leukaemia and recurrent solid tumours 
Childhood cancer survivorship
Long term follow up

Scope of Pediatric Oncology services:

1.Psycho oncology
2. Social support group
3. Pediatric Palliative care
3. Oncology pharmacy
4. Nutrition counselling
5. Pediatric critical care
6. Interventional Radiology
7. Central venous access device (PICC, Broviac and Hickman)


Assistant Professor