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Quality Management

PSG Hospitals is the third teaching hospital in the country and the first teaching hospital in Tamilnadu to get NABH accreditation. Having been accredited since 2010, the institution has ensured, through the Quality Management Department (QMD) that patients receive the best possible care. There is a blend of dedicated doctors who practice evidence based medicine with the state-of-the-art technology and heal with a humane touch.

There is a shared desire for performance with a high level of quality, both at the management level, and also across all clinical, diagnostic and support services departments. QMD functions as a facilitator to achieve excellence, in every single activity.

The major activities of the department include quality assurance, internal quality improvement and meeting external quality mandates wherever required. As many as 70 to 75 different indicators are captured every month to ensure that quality and patient safety are adhered to across the institution.

Being a teaching hospital, the institution firmly believes that principles of quality must be instilled at a very early stage of the training of health professionals. QMD is involved in various training programmes such as induction and orientation programmes, as well as workshops.

There is a constant endeavour to promote a culture of adherence to safe and quality health care, and to that end, various quality improvement programmes have been initiated by the department. Several structure, process and outcome based clinical audits have been facilitated by the department.

PSG Hospitals has been awarded the Kaizen Service Track Award in 2014 and the Green hospital by Associations of Healthcare Providers (India) in 2015. The Concentrating Solar Excellence award in 2016 was yet another feather to our cap.

The fact that our hospital has been successfully reaccredited by NABH shows the endorsement of our hospital,s commitment to providing and, more importantly, sustaining quality. The philosophy at the core of all activities of QMD is “quality is not a destination but a journey”. This journey has been on the right track, only because of the commitment and dedication by every single person in the institution, working together with a zeal for excellence and willingness to go the extra mile.