ANUJA PANICKER Department of Psychiatry, PSG Hospitals

Specialty Psychiatry
Experience 17 Years
Qualification MA, PGDCP, PhD (Clinical Psychology)
Designation Professor

Professional Information

Academic Excellence
  • MA,
  • PGDCP,
  • PhD (Clinical Psychology)
Field of Expertise
  • Child Psychology
  • Cognitive/ Intellectual Assessment
Awards and Achievements
  • Seisoh Sukemune/Bruce Bain Early Career Research Award 2006-  2007’ by the International Council of Psychologists (ICP), awarded at the   65th Annual Conference of the International Council of Psychologists, San Diego, California, USA, August 2007.
  • ‘R. Kishore Young Scientist Award’ awarded by the Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists, at the 33rd National Annual Conference of Indian Association of Indian Psychologists, (NACIACP), Yercaud, January 2007
  • ‘Young Scientist Award’ for best paper presentation at the International Conference on Neurology, Language and Cognition-2000
  • First rank in Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology, Govt. Medical College, Trivandrum
  • Selected for Commonwealth Scholarship for research in University of London, UK, 2002
  • Second rank for BA Degree in Psychology, University of Kerala
  • Sixth prize for Poster presentation, ‘Prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder among Primary School Children’, at the Annual Research Day, PSGIMS&R. November 2013
  • Fourth prize for Poster presentation, ‘Psychiatric and Psychosocial Co-Morbidities in Childhood Autism: The Challenge in Diagnosis’, at the Annual Research Day, PSGIMS&R. November 2013
  • University Grants Commission – Senior Research Fellowship (UGC-SRF), April 2004- 2005
  • University Grants Commission – Junior Research Fellowship (UGC-JRF), June 2002-2004
  • Indian Council of Medical Research – Junior Research Fellowship (ICMR- JRF), 2001
  • Selected for National Merit Scholarship
Research and Publications
  • Selvakumar N, Panicker AS. (2020). Stress and coping styles in mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder. Indian J Psychol Med, 42:225-32.doi: 10.4103/IJPSYM.IJPSYM_333_19
  • Panicker, A. S., Samskani, M., Vimala S., Poornima G. & Veronika, M. (2020). Exploratory Study of Attitudes towards Counseling among Medical Students in India. Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 11(1): pp. 34-46. doi: 10.1080/21507686.2019.1704807
  • Panicker, A. S. & Ramesh, S. (2018). ‘Psychological Status and Coping Styles of Caregivers of Individuals with Intellectual Disability and Psychiatric Illness’, Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 32(1):1-14
  • Panicker, A. S. and Chelliah, A. (2016). ‘Resilience and Stress in Children and Adolescents with Specific Learning Disorder’, Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 25:1, 17-23. PMID: 27047553; PMCID: PMC4791102
  • Deepa R. and Panicker A.S. (2016). ‘A phenomenological approach to understand the challenges faced by Medical Students’, The Qualitative Report, 21(3), 584-602
  • Panicker A. S. (2015). Need for Holistic Approach in Treatment of Learning Disorder: A Case of the Kidnapped Boy, Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology, 42(2), pp.140-143
  • Panicker, A. S., Bhattacharya S., Hirisave, U. & Nalini N.R (2015). ‘Reliability and Validity of the NIMHANS Index of Specific Learning Disabilities’, Indian Journal of Mental Health, 2(2), pp. 175-181
  • Venkata J. A. and Panicker, A. S. (2013). ‘Prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Primary School Children’, Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 55(4), pp. 338-342. doi: 10.4103/0019-5545.120544
  • Panicker, A. S. and Hirisave U. (2011). ‘Psychometric properties of NIMHANS Index for Specific Learning Disabilities’ in Psychological Assessment of Children in the Clinical Setting, Vol. 2 (Ed: U Hirisave & M Kapur)
  • Panicker, A. S., Hirisave, U. & Subbakrishna D. K. (2008). Verbal IQ – Performance IQ Discrepancy Patterns on WISC-III in Indian Primary School Children, Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology, Vol. 35 (1), pp.51-54
  • Panicker, A. S., Hirisave, U. & Subbakrishna D. K. (2007). Establishment of Reliability and Validity of WISC-III in Indian Primary School Children, Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology, Vol. 34 (2), pp.132-136
  • Panicker, A. S, & Hirisave, U. (2007). ‘Assessing the Learning Potential of Children’ in Mindscapes: Global Perspectives on Psychology in Mental Health’, (Ed: A. Shah & K. Rao), pp. 358-361
  • Panicker, A. S. & Hirisave, U. (2007). ‘WISC-III Profile of Primary School Children’ in Psychological Research in Mental Health and Neuroscience, (Ed. K. Rao). pp. 121
  • Panicker, A. S., Hirisave, U & Subbakrishna, D.K. (2006). ‘WISC-IIIuk: Comparison of Indian and UK norms’ Journal of Indian Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Vol. 2 (4), pp. 108-111
  • Panicker, A. S., Janaki, K. N., & Kumar, K. A. (2006). ‘Intervention for Institutionalised Adolescents with Behavioural Problems’. Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology, Vol 33 (1), pp.35-39
  • Panicker, A. S., & Hirisave, U. (2005). ‘Psychometric Potential Assessment: A New Approach in Testing Children’, Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology, 2005, supplement
  • Panicker, A. S., Hirisave, U., & Srinath, S. (2004). Play Therapy in Mixed Disorder of Conduct and Emotion. Indian Journal of Clinical Psychology, Vol. 31 (2), pp. 151-156
  • Panicker, A. S., & Hirisave, U. (2004). ‘WISC-III and MISIC: A Comparative Study’. Journal of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, Vol. 30 (1&2), pp. 106- 112
  • Panicker, A. S., K. N. Janaki, & Kumar, K. A. (2002). Remediation of ADHD through Behaviour Therapy. Indian Journal of Pediatric Neurology. Vol 1 (1), pp. 16
Membership and Certifications
  • Professional Life Member
  • Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists

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