Patient Rights

Patient Rights


  • Every patient has the right to be treated respectfully by all members of this Institution
  • Every patient shall be treated with dignity regardless of their race, religion, beliefs, cultural values, sex, age or financial status.

Right to Privacy

  • Whenever a patient is examined, they are entitled for complete confidentiality.
  • Every patient has the right to discuss about his/her health status with the doctors or nurse, in private, & expect that it shall not be passed on to anybody else.
  • Female patients may be examined by a male doctor only in the presence of a female escort

Participation in Decision Making in Health Care

  • Every patient has the right to know the name and specialty of the doctor or any other person responsible for the health care.
  • Every patient has the right to know their treatment options and participate in decisions about his/her healthcare.
  • Every patient has the right to give consent for their treatment, make informed decisions and also to refuse the recommended treatment if they choose so.
  • On signing a “Discharge against medical advice” form, they have the right to obtain discharge from the hospital despite the doctor’s advice, knowing that the hospital shall not be responsible for any harm that it may cause them.

Receive Information

  • All patients’ have the right to receive and seek information regarding their health status, investigations required, proposed care and its results, its complications, risks involved in the process of treatment, in the language that they can understand.
  • Required assistance shall be provided to aid them & to receive the correct information.


  • Every patient has the right to expect that all their health care information be protected and maintained confidential.
  • All their medical records shall be confidential, unless they have given permission to release the information or when it is required by law.
  • The patient has the access to their health records.

Access to Emergency Service

  • Every patient has the right to life saving treatment in an emergency without discrimination on account of their economic status.

Information on Payment

  • Every patient has the right to be informed of services and related charges available in the hospital, to receive an itemized bill, and to a detailed billing explanation.


  • Every patient has the right to inform the Management if something is felt as inadequate or wrong in the process of delivering health care by doctors, nurses, or anybody else in this hospital.
  • Every patient shall put it forward in the patient feedback form that will be given to them during their discharge.
  • If they wish to lodge any issue during their stay in the hospital (before discharge) they may contact the Manager-Customer Relation, who will advice them suitably.


  • Every patient has the right to a safe environment in the hospital, which includes measures to prevent infection, safe medical equipment, and security and care to promote a safe and violent free environment.

Participation in Research

  • Every patient has the right to consent or refuse to participate in proposed research studies or clinical trials affecting care and treatment and to have those studies fully explained prior to approval. Any refusal to participate will not compromise patient treatment in the hospital.

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