Paediatrics deals with the treatment of diseases of children including infants and neonatology is the branch of medicine that takes care of newborns. Paediatricians are more concerned with congenital defects especially of the heart and developmental issues than adult physicians and these issues have a lasting impact on the health of the children as they grow into adults. Paediatric surgery involves the surgical treatment of paediatric diseases.

At PSG Hospitals, our paediatric department effectively handles a wide variety of paediatric problems, both medical and surgical.

Outpatient Services Emergency Services
  • There is a qualified paediatrician on duty in the hospital 24 hours a day to cater any emergency. The casualty is well equipped to handle all emergencies.
  • Immunisation Clinic
  • Immunisation will be done from 9am to 3pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Other information

The department conducts Paediatric Advance Life Support (PALS) course in September and a CME for final year exam going PG students in January every year.


The department has 2 siemens macquet ventilators, 2 bearcub ventilators and bubble CPAP units. All beds in the ICUs have 3 channel monitors, adequate infusion and syringe pumps in addition to central oxygen and suction. The state-of -the -art level 3 and level 2 NICU are fully equipped to handle all newborn problems.

Specialist Doctors

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