SURESH KUMAR R Department of Psychiatry, PSG Hospitals

Specialty Psychiatry
Experience 15 Years
Qualification M.B.B.S; MD (Psych)
Designation Associate Professor/Consultant

Professional Information

Academic Excellence
  • M.B.B.S; MD (Psych)
Field of Expertise
  • Adult Psychiatry
  • Geriatric psychiatry
Awards and Achievements
  • Pune Psychiatrists Association I (PPA I) award for best research paper published by a member of Indian Psychiatric Society, awarded in ANCIPS 2014
Research and Publications
  • Sureshkumar R, Bharath S, Jain S, Purushotham M, Thennarasu K, Mukherjee O, Shivakumar PT, Varghese M: ApoE4 and Late onset depression in INDIAN population. Journal of Affective Disorders 136 (2012) 244-248
  • Rishikesh VB, John M, Sureshkumar R, VaramballyS, Rao N, Ganeshan V: Mood disorder in Moya Moya Disease. Psyhciatry and clinical neruosciences 2012:66:163-166
  • Vinay B, Krishna Prasad M, Sureshkumar R, Srikala Bharath. Transsexualism in the Indian Context Journal of Indian Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Helath; 2010;6(2):44-46
  • Shivakumar PT, Sureshkumar R, Janardhan CN, Naveenkumar C, Bharath S, Prakash O, Vijayan J, Varghese M. Follow up attendance of patients with dementia in a Geriatric clinic. Neurolinks.2007;4(2):42
  • Navennkumar C , Janardhan CN , Sureshkumar R, Shivakumar PT, Bharath S, Prakash O, Vijayan J, Varghese M. Evaluation of treatable causes of dementia in a Geriatric clinic. Neurolinks.2007;4(2):41
  • Palaniappan P, Iyer A. Persistent sleep disturbances in remitted Bipolar disorder. Annals Medicus ( accepted, in press)
Membership and Certifications
  • Member of Indian Psychiatry Society (IPS)

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