Blood Bank

Blood Bank

Blood Bank

Blood transfusions are a critical part of everyday life and assist in saving countless lives each year. The Blood Bank, PSG Hospitals has been functioning since 1990, and was upgraded to a “Components Blood Bank” in the year 2001. The blood bank has a vast array of state of the art equipment for its smooth functioning, which include: Deep Freezers which maintain temperatures of -30 C and -80 C, heavy duty Refrigerated Centrifuge for the separation of components at different speeds, Platelet Agitators, Cryobath, Tube Sealers and Blood Collection Monitors.

All the above equipments have automatic temperature monitors and digital readout systems as well as automatic alarms, with continuous temperature surveillance, which ensure the safety of the blood and components issued from the Blood Bank.

Services Provided

Round the clock transfusion services

  • Facilities for the issue of whole blood, packed red cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelet concentrates and cryoprecipitate
  • Paediatric/Divided blood units.
  • Direct and Indirect Coombs test (Antiglobulin test).
  • Kleihauer Betke’s test for the detection of fetomaternal haemorrhage in Rh incompatibility.

Autologous(Self Donations)

Some patients who are scheduled for elective surgery have the option of donating their own blood at the PSG Hospitals blood bank for temporary storage before it is transfused back to them during or after surgery. For those patients who are physically able to donate, autologous donation provides the safest and best matched blood for their transfusion.

Direct Donations

There is no information that blood from family members and friends is safer than blood from regular, voluntary donors .However, we understand the concerns that some patients have about blood transfusion and will allow directed donations from friends for patients who request it. We avoid directed donations from blood relatives due to the rare possibility of a Graft versus Host Disease (GVHD). Women of childbearing age should not receive blood from their husbands.

Ordering Blood/Components From PSG Hospitals Blood Bank Donations

  • A properly labeled and drawn sample for pre-transfusion testing –the first step in ensuring your patient will receive a safe transfusion.
  • Please send the sample in a sealed container along with the request form to PSG Hospitals Blood Bank.
  • Validity of compatibility testing is limited to three days.

Overview of Emergency ordering

The patients clinical condition may necessitate the need for issue of blood on an emergency basis.

Uncrossmatched Group O Red Blood Cells

In extreme life threatening emergencies, a phone call to the blood bank will initiate the immediate issue of 2 units of uncrossmatched group O Red Blood Cells. Before administering the uncrossmatched blood, a blood sample for pre – transfusion testing must be drawn. This sample must be sent to the PSG Hospitals Blood Bank to be used to rule out Bombay Blood Group / to order subsequent blood for the patient.

Emergency uncrossmatched blood

If the patients condition allows time to determine blood group, emergency uncrossmatched blood, can be requested. When asking for uncross matched blood, the ordering physicians signature and justification are required.

Emergency crossmatched blood

If the patients condition is stable but an expedited crossmatch is needed, an immediate spin crossmatch will be done, and the rest of the crossmatch will be done while the blood is in transit.

For any assistance please contact:

Dr.Prasanna N Kumar MD
Dept. of Pathology
Phone: 2570170 / 2598822 (Extn.5805)

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