Radha & Krishnan

We (my husband &I) are writing this message to record our sincere thanks to the Home Care Unit if PSG Hospital, Coimbatore. My mother-in-law aged 87, residing in Brindavan Arcade, Vadavalli was very sick during the 3rd week of January 2024. She was ailing due to the old age related problems. When she was too… Continue reading Radha & Krishnan

hp Sudhakar AS

Good hospital

Hemalatha Mahendran

My son was admitted due to bacterial infection and was having high fever. I would like to thank Dr. Venkateshwaran, pediatric for his excellent timely treatment which helped my son to recover soon. Was really impressed on the way of treatment. Thank you sir.

Deluxe furniture

Really i am free from mental pressure of illness. Expert doctors and caring is extraordinary! Well! May God bless them  

Perur praveen

Very nominal price for consulting ₹60/ only Best service

Shinu Puthanpura

One of the best Hospital

Sakthiya J

My delivery was here. Dr. Latha mam was so sweet and she answers all the doubts. Doesn’t give unnecessary medicines..



Shanmugan N

Service is good

Divyadharshini M

Excellent Master Health Check department

Anbuchelvan S

Ethical management & supportive doctors. Thankyou all.

Maria sneha

Thank you PSG Hospital team & our special thanks to Mr.Pradeep sir,Mr Siva Kumar sir, Mr Bezil Sir and other doctors in cardiac dept… Today u all are doing a great job for my sister in law(22yrs old)…Her heart is transplant safely….for the past 3 months they did a great job… thank you all for… Continue reading Maria sneha


It’s one of the big hospitals and they treat all kinds of diseases .

Yazhvenba M

Quick process. Good service. Doctors and other employees treated well. Morning breakfast + 1 ltr water bottle was provided during the test. Get prior appointment before going…

Sruthi Shankar

Well experienced doctors and pleasing staff. Correct diagnosis and worry free treatments

Muralikrishnan Muthukrishnan

Best hospital Good care by ICU team and urologist Dr Poovai Murugan.. well committed team Well maintained Hospital clean and Hygiene ..cost also reasonable

Selvam G

Great treatment for those who are in trouble…! Iam writing review from my heart Becoz they saved my life. This is a trust hospital, these people are service minded. Iam poor but they treated me very well in general ward because of their தாயுள்ளம் (motherhood). My go to option for their hospitality, accomodation & food… Continue reading Selvam G

Senthil Kumar (kanna)

One of the best hospitals in the city. Greatness and quality in every field.

Kavi priya

என் பெயர் பிரியா நான் 2009 ஆம் ஆண்டு psg மருத்துவமனையில் இருதய அறுவை சிகிச்சை செய்ய டாக்டர் P R முருகேசன் அவரிடம் அட்வைஸ் பெற வந்தேன் இவரிடம் வருவதற்கு முன் பல மருத்துவர்கள் பல மருத்துவ மனைக்கு சென்றேன்.. ஆனால் மிகவும் மனம் உடைந்து வந்தேன் என் வயது அப்பொழுது 16 என் தாய் தந்தை தினக்கூலி தொழில் .. வருமானம் பெரிதாக இருக்காது .. முருகேசன் sir எங்களிடம் கனிவாக எடுத்து கூறினார்..அவரை… Continue reading Kavi priya

Nandini shashi

Polite, helpful staff. Organised full health check up procedures. Good doctors.

Maria sneha

Thank you PSG Hospital team & our special thanks to Mr.Pradeep sir,Mr Siva Kumar sir, Mr Bezil Sir and other doctors in cardiac dept… Today u all are doing a great job for my sister in law(22yrs old)…Her heart is transplant safely….for the past 3 months they did a great job… thank you all for… Continue reading Maria sneha

Depuri Datta Venkata Sai

The best hospital which is accredited with NABH and staff are very humble and patient oriented


Always best

Franko Fernando

Dr.Balamurugan, Bariatric Surgeon, gem of a person more than a doctor I have ever seen…. myself Capt.Franko Fernando, prefered psg hospital only for consultation for my mom’s obesity trouble and met Dr.Balamurugan such a fantastic soul, explained pros and cons of the surgery even a layman wud go for it…. my mom who is afraid… Continue reading Franko Fernando

Reethu Bheeman

Visited for a twist in leg on a Sunday. People here are calm and help you well. The duty doctors were also caring and explain things patiently. The helper are also caring. Need some maintenance. Service is good. Out Patient Card is available which makes it easy for further visits.

Jamal Ahamed

Dr Tamizharasu cardio done really good diagnostic skills and polite and patient friendly doctor

Sangeetha Krishnakumar

மிகச்சிறந்த மருத்துவர்களை கொண்டும்… நோயாளிகளின் தன்மை அறிந்து பழககூடிய செவிலியர்கள் உள்ள காரணத்தால் மேலும் A Blockil அவசர மற்றும் தீவிர கிகிச்சை பிரிவு உள்ளது. B blackil குறைந்த செலவில் மருத்துவ கிகிச்சை அளிக்கபடுவது குறிப்பிட தக்கது. மேலும் முதலமைச்சர் காப்பீட்டு திட்ட விவரத்தினை அதற்காக நியமிக்கப்பட்ட அரசு அதிகாரி திட்டம் பற்றிய விவரத்தை மக்களுக்கு புரியும் விதத்தில் பொறுமையாக எடுத்து கூறுகிறார். PSG hospital என்றால் அதிக பணம் செலவாகும் என்ற எண்ணத்தினை உடைக்கும்… Continue reading Sangeetha Krishnakumar

M Sankaran

Managed by courteous and qualified medical professionals

Ram Marudh

Good in hospitality and caring

Nandhini D

Treatment is too gud… really thanks a lot

Amal Mohammed

Wonderful hospitals with modern technologies. The transport system inside the campus is awesome. Hygiene inside the campus and hospital was pretty. Totally a very calm and beautiful environment inside PSG hospitals.

Manoj Kumar

Good caring and treatment by all the doctors, nurses and staffs good service

Sandeep P CPY

Good experience. One old man(Aged above 60) sitting in the billing counter first floor is working very efficiently… Age is not a factor..

Jason Ray

I am from North East India. Very nice hospital. Doctors to all the staffs from a to z are very good in their field and also behaviour. Treatment is very affordable. It’s a super speciality hospital so it has a vast department of medical treatment to offer. I also got my Master health checkup done… Continue reading Jason Ray

Devarajan Premanathan

Good maintenance hospital. Best service

Nishanth Ramesh

One word# Coimbatore’s Pride.

Harinedha Harinedha

Psc மருத்துவமனை என்றாள் அதிக செலவாகும் என்று நாங்கள் நினைத்துக் கொண்டோம.. ஆனால் இன்று நடந்ததோ வேறு.. சேலம் மாவட்டத்தில் இருந்து நாங்கள் இன்று நமது பிஎஸ்சி ஹாஸ்பிடல் வந்தோம்… A ஏ பிளாட்டில் சிகிச்சை பெற வந்திருந்தோம் அங்கு ஆஸ்த்மா சிகிச்சைக்காக டாக்டர் SRYMA PUNJADATH BABY மேடத்தை நாங்கள் அணுகினோம்.. அவரின் மருத்துவ சிகிச்சை மிகவும் சிறப்பாக இருந்தது.. மற்றும் அவரின் கவனிப்பும் மற்றும் அவர் நோயாளிகளிடம் பேசும் விதமும் மிக மிகவும் சிறப்பாக… Continue reading Harinedha Harinedha

Surjit R

My father was in emergency and then in imcu for 2 days. Then was in general ward for 5 days. Overall, I could have not asked for any better treatment. Everyone working in the hospital were so friendly and concerned. We got the best treatment at the lowest possible cost. I was charged only 50%… Continue reading Surjit R

Gopal Krish

Experience doctors, Good treatment

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