Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Department is the first point of contact for any critically ill patient, needing immediate medical attention. PSG Hospitals is well-equipped with the most advanced technologies and equipment. The staff, nurses and physicians work round the clock to deal with all levels of medical emergencies. The hospital is equipped with highly advanced emergency room, highly experienced doctors, paramedics and staff nurse who are versatile in dealing with all sorts of medical emergencies.


The triage is an area where the patients are segregated based on the severity of the emergency and thereafter directed to appropriate areas of care. A triage is staffed by a resident in the emergency medicine along with a paramedic and a staff nurse who are trained adequately.

PSG Hsopitals provide the highest quality and technologically advanced emergency medical care-

  • Integral part of Emergency Medicine Department.
  • We provide 24 X 7 ambulances services
  • We have a fleet of ambulances with the necessary facilities, like monitors, defibrillators, ventilators and continuous oxygen supply.
  • The fleet is supported by paramedics skilled in transportation of seriously ill patients and victims of road traffic accident.
  • The Paramedics are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support
  • Cardiac Ambulance : It has advanced technology system with Cardiac equipment’s which functions like Mini ICU on wheels.

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