Home Health Service

Home Health Service

There is no place quite like home when you are recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, or managing an ongoing medical condition. When a health condition makes it difficult for someone to leave home, we bring advanced healthcare services right at your doorstep. Our home Health service aims to provide high quality healthcare and superior patient experience at an affordable cost.

  • In the moments that matter most, you are not alone!


    We offer high-quality in-home care that keeps you where you

Home health care helps people remain safely at home and live as independently as possible, be it during an acute ailment, injury or recovering from surgery or living with chronic diseases. Our team comes to your home to provide health care services like;

Doctor @ Home

Consultation & supervision by Family Physicians, Geriatrician & Palliative Care specialist

Nurse @ Home

  • ECG
  • Wound dressing – chronic ulcers, pressure sores etc.
  • Urinary catheterization
  • Tracheostomy and colostomy care
  • Injections and infusions
  • Enema
  • Medication advice

Physiotherapy @ Home

Diet counselling

Counselling services

Lab services @ Home- Blood investigations, urinalysis

Medical Equipment @ Home

We work with you and family to develop a plan to help you manage your condition.

Home Healthcare Team

Our experienced doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and multidisciplinary team of experts provide interventions tailored to needs of each patient. They help you stay safely at home, living as independently as possible. We bring compassionate holistic care to you and your family. We help empower you to manage your health with education, tools and resources you need.

  • Dr Rajith
    Head of Home Health Service
  • Mrs Firose Banu
    Co-Ordinator, Home Health Services
  • Sister Glory& Sister Pennarasi
    Senior Nurses, Home Health Services
  • Mr Sudharsan
    Physiotherapist, Home Health Services


Benefits of Home Health Care
  • Greater independence
    Our team will help you cope with everyday tasks.
  • Safety, Comfort and Convenience.
    Research shows that patients recover fast, with fewer complications, at home than in a hospital.
  • Relief for family Caregivers.
    Our team can educate family members about how to provide care and connect them with helpful resources. This can provide peace of mind and protect against caregiver burnout.
  • Prevents avoidable trips to the Hospital.
    Our team helps by providing regular monitoring of health condition. Patients also have access to a professional they can call if they are having troublesome symptoms and aren’t sure what to do.
  • Saves money
    Avoiding unnecessary trips to the Hospital and admissions saves money. Home Healthcare is now covered by few medical insurances.
  • Personalized Care
    Patients receive a care plan that is tailored to their specific needs. This makes treatment effective and builds trust among the patient, caregiver and home health care team.
  • Companionship
    In addition to receiving visits from the home health care team, it’s easier for friends and relatives to visit loved one in their home than in hospital. With no restrictions, patients get more social interaction. This combats loneliness and brings the family together.
Myths about Home Health Care
  • Home Healthcare is too expensive
    We offer an affordable care package that suits your health care needs. Home healthcare is now covered through private insurances
  • Home health care is low-quality compared to the care provided in the hospitals.
    Our team of experts can provide the same care your get in a hospital but in a setting that is less rushed and more comfortable.
  • Getting Home Health care means losing independence
    The opposite is true. The purpose of this service is to preserve your independence and keep you safe at home.
  • I already get home care, so I don’t need home health care.
    Our expertise can compliment your existing care. We can also educate your care giver to offer better care.
  • I have to be bedbound and very sick to get home health care.
    Our home team can offer treatment for your chronic medical conditions and help you cope with it. You can be fit and well and our services will help you stay independent.
Services offered
  • Transactional care
    Patients can avail the services of our home health care for specific, individual one-time purposes as well. Our Doctors, nurses and physiotherapists are available for timely intervention.
  • Subscription programs
    – Ortho Rehab – post knee replacement, hip and spine surgery
    – Neuro Rehab – post stroke, Parkinson’s, post brain and spinal surgery
    – Elder Care – Mobility issues, falls risk management
  • Long term care
    – Chronic disease management – Diabetes, Hypertension, heart failure, renal failure, neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, Dementia, post-stroke etc.
    – Geriatric care
    – Palliative care
  • Co-ordination of care
    Our team can help co-ordinate your care with PSG Hospital specialists, Hospital visits and investigations.
  • Palliative Care
    Palliative care is an approach that aims to improve quality of life of patients when facing life limiting medical ailments. Examples include patients with cancer, heart failure, advanced lung and kidney problems, and progressive neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease, Dementia etc. Our Doctors and nurses will help you cope with your condition and have a good quality of life.
Who can avail our services?

Our Home Care services can be availed by anyone disabled due to medical ailments. We do not have a set criterion, but we mainly cater to home bound and disabled patients who have difficulty in accessing hospital care.

Service details
  • We cover a distance of 20kms from Our Hospital
  • Please note that we are not an emergency service- home visits are done for regular follow-up and continuum of care
  • Our routine visiting times are between08:00 am to 06:00 PM, Monday to Saturday.
  • We have a 24/7 helpline for any urgent medical advice. For medical emergencies please contact our Emergency Department
  • Home visits are scheduled as per patient’s condition and at the doctor’s discretion and assessment
  • One-time registration fee is applicable with consequent visit charges. Please contact our team for any further details regarding tariffs and any other queries you may have
Contact Info

For enquiries and registration, please contact

Department of Home Health Services

Landline: 04224345038

Mobile: 9952558666

Email: homecareservices@psgimsr.ac.in

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