Advantages of Robotic Surgery

April 10, 2023
Off late robotic surgery is making a mile stone, creating the future of the surgical field due to its significant advantages over the conventional open surgical methods.

1. Enhances the Dexterity of Surgeons 

With the help of the highly-technical instrumentation offering 7 ranges of movement, the surgeons are able to perform various complex surgical procedures with ease

2. Smaller cuts- less pain, less blood loss and early recovery 

The surgeons are able to gain access to the operating site through minute incisions thus reducing the  surgical  trauma, pain and blood loss.   The surgeons have a better view of the field with the help of the technically advanced robotic systems with 360 0 rotation, 3D full HD vision and magnification.

3. Reduced infection rate

Since the risks of infection exists with any surgical procedure when the large parts of the body have been exposed ,it has been significantly reduced in robotic surgery because the incisions are precise and minimal amount of exposure is created 

4. Better healing 

Robotic surgeries causes  lesser tissue damage and less inflammation  which in turn enhances the healing process. Smaller and better cosmetic scarring due to minimal incisions. 

5. Reduced hospital stay

The patients stay in the hospital is reduced due to the faster recovery compared to the traditional open methods where the patients has to stay for a longer duration. 

6. Better prognosis in malignancies

Robotic surgery provides excellent results in treating cancers, as the better precision and accuracy enables the surgeon to clearly delineate the cancerous and the non-cancerous  margins and remove maximum nodal tissue which is the key factor in the cure and prognosis of malignancies.

7. Delicate surgeries 

Robotic surgeries are highly suitable for the delicate surgeries due to its high precision with the help of technically advanced instrumentations.

8. Greater accessibility 

Can access to the deeper areas  and critical locations with the highly flexible arms that can reach areas that are difficult for the surgeon’s hand to reach  which is otherwise not possible with the open conventional methods .

9. Reduced operating time  

The operating time is significantly reduced due to the flexibility, enhanced visualisation , lesser amount of tissue involved.

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