What Is Male Infertility? Treatments For Male Infertility

July 10, 2023
Male infertility may be the result of low sperm production, hampered sperm function or structural blockages that impede the delivery of sperm. Several factors can lead to male infertility, including illnesses, injuries, health disorders and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Most men with infertility only realise they may have a problem upon not being able to conceive a child. While most cases of infertility do not present signs or symptoms, symptoms like erectile dysfunction, testicular swelling, abnormal breast growth and decreased body hair may be an indication of a problem.

What Are the Treatments For Male Infertility?

‍If you are diagnosed with male infertility, here are some treatments you may be recommended.

1‍. Surgery

Fertility caused by structural issues can often be corrected with surgery. Surgery can repair a varicocele, unblock obstructions in the vas deferens and reverse prior vasectomies. Low sperm production can also be addressed by extracting sperm directly from the testicles or epididymis using surgical sperm retrieval methods.

2. Antibiotics

Antibiotics are useful in treating infections of the reproductive tract. Although they aren't surefire ways to restore fertility, they can help in some cases.

3. Medications & Hormonal Treatments

Problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and other sexual intercourse issues can be treated with medication. Alternatively, if your infertility is induced by abnormal hormone levels, your doctor may administer hormone replacement therapy to regulate your hormonal mechanism. Restored hormone levels often lead to restored fertility, so be patient while your body regains its equilibrium.

4. Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Assisted reproductive technologies can work wonders in cases of severe male infertility. Surgical sperm retrieval, intracytoplasmic sperm injection and donor sperm are some options that may be presented to you, based on your medical profile and requirements.

‍5. Alternative Therapies

In rare cases, severe male infertility fails to respond to treatment or remains unexplained. In such an event, your doctor may propose the idea of a sperm donor to you and your partner.

How Do I Cope With Male Infertility?

  • Male infertility can cause psychological damage, minimise your confidence and affect your self-worth. Counselling can be a wonderful way to channel your thoughts into a productive outlet and air your fears and anxieties. By letting your partner into your corner, you'll be reminded that you're a team of two.
  • Consider joining online support groups to connect with other couples going through similar experiences. Hearing success stories and drawing inspiration from others can bolster your confidence and ease your heartache.
  • Set limits for yourself. Decide in advance how much time, money and energy you're willing to put into male fertility treatments. It's worth priming yourself for failed cycles in advance so that you're not left dejected or disappointed if a cycle isn't successful.
Usually, there are ways and means to beat male infertility through customised fertility treatments. By seeking quality intervention, you can rise above your condition and grow your family without wearing yourself down. Go on and consult a fertility specialist today. The change starts with you.  

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